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Cherry Class - Reception

Welcome to Cherry Class


My name is Mrs Stock-Cheekooree and I am going to be your teacher in Cherry class when you start school.


I cannot wait to find out what games you like to play, what your favourite toys are and a little bit about your family, friends, special people and pets.


First, I will tell you a little bit about me:


My favourite colours are pink and green and I love chocolate!


I really like things that are spotty, reading and growing things in the garden.


When we are at school, I love to sing songs and share stories. 


I have a special friend at school called Fred. Fred is a frog and he likes playing sound games.






We have two lovely teaching assistants in our class 

















                                            Miss Batchelor                                                              Miss Law


When you start school, we are going to have lots of fun and I am really looking forward to meeting you.


On our class page you can see a gallery of our learning, events and our achievements.


We try to add our learning to this page as often as possible but please don't forget to check out our school twitter page or follow us @Mercerswood.


Snapshots of children's learning is also captured on Tapestry.


Please speak to Mrs Stock-Cheekooree if you need help with Tapestry at any time!

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