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Welcome to Year 2 at Castle Wood Academy. The children have lots of exciting challenges ahead, but we know they will rise to them beautifully. The Year 2 curriculum is very creative and designed to offer lots of practical experiences that motivate children to learn and develop a passion within them for lifelong learning.


Spring Term: This term our topic is "Gainsborough to Ghana."We will be learning about the United Kingdom and then comparing it with Ghana. We have forged strong international links with a primary school in Ghana, called Bright Rainbow Academy. We will be exchanging letters and photographs to help the children in both countries understand the similarities and differences. 


Autumn Term:This term our topic is EXPLORERS! We know this exciting history based topic will excite and engage the children, as we investigate famous explorers such as Sir Francis Drake, Christopher Columbus, Neil Armstrong and Tim Peake.


We have lots of creative activities planned and we hope you will enjoy hearing about them. 



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