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Learning Logs - Weekly Homework

Learning log- 12.1.18 - To complete addition calculations using the column method (not crossing ten). 

Learning Log -19.1.18- To write a recount of the weekend or an event.

Learning log- 26.1.18 - To complete addition calculations crossing ten (borrowing and paying back).

Learning Log- 2.2.18  Money - Children need to find different ways to make the same amount. 

Learning Log -9.2.18 Write a recount of a favourite story.


Weekly Spelling Zone Focus. Please ask your children to practise their common exception words for Y1 and Y2. To extend this, children can put some of the words into sentences.

Learning log homework will be set initially every 2-3 weeks in the first term (Autumn). In the spring term this will move to weekly. Work will be sent out every Friday and should be returned by the following Thursday for marking. 

Learning Log ENGLISH homework activity 3-


This time our focus is English. We would like the children to write about their half term break. This is a great opportunity for children to show you their ever developing writing skills.

We expect a few children who are still at an early stage with their literacy skills to respond to this challenge by drawing pictures and adding key words. They could then orally compose a sentence, which with your support, they then record in a sentence.

The majority of Y2 children will be able to plan their sentences out loud and then record them. We will be expecting children to-

  • use finger spaces between each word
  • use capital letters for the start of each sentence and proper nouns
  • Add a full stop at the end of each sentence
  • Some children will be able to use commas and other punctuation
  • use time adverbials, these are words like first, next, after that, last week, etc.
  • Use adjectives
  • As an extra challenge some children could edit their work and use a dictionary to check any spelling.
  • Please encourage your child to check and evaluate their work regularly.


This will be due back on 17.11.17. We mark all work and will celebrate children's contributions in class.


Please do ask the class teachers if you have any questions! 


Some amazing book covers!

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