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Meet Our Team

White's Wood Academy School Team

Leadership Team

Leadership Team 1 Mr C Fitzpatrick, Head of School
Leadership Team 2 Miss J Richardson, Assistant Head of School

Teaching Staff

Teaching Staff 1 Miss G Cartwright, Year 3 Teacher of Elder
Teaching Staff 2 Miss L Melbourne, Year 3 Teacher of Cedar
Teaching Staff 3 Miss F Barnes, Year 4 Teacher of Willow
Teaching Staff 4 Mrs J Fotheringham, Year 4 Teacher of Willow
Teaching Staff 5 Mrs K Ward, Year 4 Teacher of Silver Birch
Teaching Staff 6 Mrs E Canwell, Year 4 Teacher of Silver Birch
Teaching Staff 7 Mrs A Allenson, Year 5 Teacher of Sycamore
Teaching Staff 8 Mr M Weaver, Year 5 Teacher of Oak
Teaching Staff 9 Miss J Richardson, Year 6 Teacher of Holly
Teaching Staff 10 Mr J Da Costa, Year 6 Teacher of Maple

Other Teaching Staff

Other Teaching Staff 1 Mrs A Robinson
Other Teaching Staff 2 Miss H Kemp
Other Teaching Staff 3 Mrs K Doran
Other Teaching Staff 4 Miss K Holmes
Other Teaching Staff 5 Miss S Jones
Other Teaching Staff 6 Mrs S Goodall
Other Teaching Staff 7 Mr T Stevens
Other Teaching Staff 8 Miss T Breslin

Inclusion Team

Inclusion Team 1 Mrs A Willis, Inclusion Leader and SEND
Inclusion Team 2 Mrs J Neal, Safeguarding and Wellfare Officer
Inclusion Team 3 Miss S Holdsworth, Attendance and Health Officer
Inclusion Team 4 Miss G Wood, Inclusion Team Administrator

Office Staff

Office Staff 1 Miss M Ellis, Office Manager
Office Staff 2 Miss J Highland, Receptionist

Breakfast Club and Acorns

Breakfast Club and Acorns 1 Mrs S Dinmore, Out of Hours Clubs Manager
Breakfast Club and Acorns 2 Mrs L Lansdall, Out of Hours Assistant
Breakfast Club and Acorns 3 Miss S Jones, Acorns Assistant

Midday Meals Staff;

  • Mrs K Doran - Midday Supervisor
  • Mrs L Rowlands
  • Mrs E Staples
  • Mrs M Johnstone
  • Miss J Smart

Cleaning Staff;

  • Mrs S Benn
  • Miss S Cook
  • Mrs M Johnstone

Site Staff;

  • Mr R Hamilton - Site Manager

Other Staff;

  • Mrs S Keen - Finance Manager
  • Mrs S Wilson - Executive Head of School
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