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Our School Day

8.30 am:  Gates open in main playground


8.40 am:   Parents arrive and Y1/2 teachers go out + TA’s


8.50 am:   Whistle blows all children line up with teachers and come in pupil entrance

FS green exterior gate opened and parents bring children into classroom


9.00 am:   FS parents gone, green exterior gate closed


8.50 am - 9.00am:   Registration


9.00 am:   Lessons begin in Y1/2


9.10 am:   Lessons begin in FS


10.30 am: Y1/2 Breaktime


10.45 am:  Lessons resume


11.55 am:  FS start lunch


12.00 pm:  Y1 Start lunch


12.00 pm:  Y2 go out to break


12.20 pm:  Whistle blown Y2 come in for lunch, as Y1 ready head out to main playground/FS own playground with adults


12.45 pm:  Lesson resume


1.45 pm:    Y1 Break


2.00 pm:    Lessons resume in Y1


3.00 pm:    End of day


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