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Settling into life in Year 2!

We have been revisiting rules and routines this week. It was important to remind ourselves about what makes a happy classroom.

We worked together to create our own class rules and talked about the qualities a super classmate would have.

Class Charter

Each child wrote their ideas on their daisy.

Exploring our exciting "Explorers Topic" role play space station

Fun maths activities for week 1!

3 cube challenge!
How many ways can you build your 3 colour tower?

Emoji Maths!

How will you sort your emojis?

Caring for our Jelly Baby afternoon! Our P.S.H.E challenge was understanding the importance of caring for others.

First we had to name our baby!
Then we had to organise a suitable home.
We made clothes and travel cots!
We even arranged baby sitters for our babies!
We took care of our babies all afternoon!
At the end of the day we took them home.
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