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Skateboard Club

Ran by Miss Haywood, our skateboarding club is designed to give children the opportunity to try a whole new skill. 


No brand new mountain climber would, in his right mind, attempt to scale K2 as a first ascent. Nor would a first-year medical student be asked to perform a cutting-edge heart transplant. Part of becoming an expert in something is working your way up – starting with the basics and progressing into the tougher stuff only when you’re ready.


The same is true with skating: lay a good foundation and you’ll see the results as you become a better and better skater over time. These steps may seem basic, but take your time with them and get a solid grip on the basics – these are the tools that will eventually take you to the next level.They will work with a partner throughout the club to support safety and encouragement. 


The school has access to its own 10 skateboards, which hopefully the children that have attended the club can teach other children how to skateboard.

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