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Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND)

Mrs Amy Willis is Inclusion Leader/SENDCo for all schools within Tall Oaks Academy Trust. Mrs Willis can be contacted at any of the Trust's sites or by emailing, using the title FAO Mrs Willis, Inclusion Leader/SENDCo in the subject line.


Nationally it is expected that approximately 20% of children experience learning challenges at some point of their education, as smaller percentage may be judged as gifted and talented. All pupils in our Academies have access to the full curriculum regardless of their needs. Some children may require more specialised teaching which can be better provided within a small group or one a one-to-one basis away from the classroom; however our aim is to be as inclusive as possible.

Across Tall Oaks Academy Trust, class teachers plan the support required alongside Mrs Willis. This is done by providing individually differentiated learning, the use of additional support, small group or individual teaching, use of the Safeguarding and Welfare Officer for nurture session as well as using additional outside agencies.

Any child with SEND has personal targets, this plan is reviewed on a termly basis with the parents and Class Teacher or Mrs Willis. 

If you think your child has additional needs or you have a concern that you would like to discuss, then please discuss this with your child’s Class Teacher or arrange an appointment with Mrs Willis.  Mrs Willis can be contacted by telephone at any of our school sites or by emailing


To find out how we support children with SEND please look at our SEN Information Report and our SEND Policy.

Where can I go to seek help/advice?

The following link will give support across several areas that may be of use to you.

For help/advice on toileting:

For help/advice with Speech and Language:

For help/advice with ADHD/Autism:

For help/advice with blindess:

For help/advice with Dyslexia:

For help/advice for sleep support:

How staff at Tall Oaks Academy Support children with SEND:


  • “We have regular meetings with the school, family and child so that the child understands that their parents and school are working together to support them.”
  • “First thing every morning we talk through our visual timetable so that everyone understands the routine of the day.”
  • “We work well with our feeder infant and nursery schools and families to ensure the children have a happy start with us.”
  • “I set my whiteboard background to a colour other than white to reduce glare for children with visual stress. Some children also have access to coloured overlays and are allowed to write on paper that isn’t white.”
  • “I have pencil grips for children who struggle to hold their pencil correctly.”
  • “I ensure that resources are personalised to children’s needs so that they can access their learning.”
  • “I used individualised ‘timeout’ strategies to assist children who struggle with their behaviour.”
  • “I use feelings cards to enable children to express how they are feeling.”
  • “Children are included in all aspects of classroom life regardless of their need.”
  • “We use home school books to stay in touch with parents so that we can share how well their child is doing.”
  • “Some children have individual target cards to help them focus on being successful for each aspect of the school day and are rewarded for doing so.”
  • “One child in my class has a daily ‘meet-and-greet’ before school with an adult and his mum so that he is ready for the school day. They also meet again at home time to report back his successes.”
  • “Some children have extra responsibilities to heighten their sense of pride.”
  • “We have playground buddies so that no child is left alone at break.”
If you would like to view the Local Authority's Local Offer, please follow the following link;
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