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Spellings and Grammar

Each week children will have some new spellings to learn.

Please encourage your child to look for the words on the list in their reading books. Read them in context and talk about the tricky parts of any word.

Write them out and put them into a sentence. Write them on to postit notes and place the words around the house to read. Don't forget to revisit the spellings from previous weeks.

On Friday we encourage the children to revise their spellings and then test each other. We then discuss as a class the spellings children find tricky and talk about strategies for learning them.

Every day during guided reading sessions a group of children play spelling games such as Junior Scrabble, whilst others revisit their weekly spellings and look for them in books. We have dictionary time and encourage children to check the words they find challenging.

Games to use with children!

Picture book fun with spellings!

National Curriculum Spelling Requirements Y2

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