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The Foodies

The FOODies Group lead change in food culture at White's Wood Academy.

So far, The FOODies have lead changes to lunchtime including changing the seating arrangements in the dining room, surveyed what children and staff in school would like to see included on the school meals menu and then working with Food4Thought to incorporate these changes and even sourced new, brighter uniforms for our midday supervisors.

The FOODies work with the Garden Gang to plan the food growing calendar so we can supply our kitchen with vegetables, fruit and herbs to feed the children, staff and visitors at this school.

We also work closely with our community and have visited local elderly residential homes and even invited them to eat their dinner at school with us.  We launched "Operation Onion", a competition to see who could grow the biggest onion and help plan the Eat With Your Child events in school.

We also talk to children from other school as part of local cluster groups so we can share what we have learnt and offer support.
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