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Welcome to Violet Class Page!


This page will be filled with all our exciting learning for the year ahead.


Our first week in Violet Class


This week we have been busy showing Miss Lake what wonderful learners we are!


We thought about our classroom rules

Our class Charter

We worked in teams to think about the most important rules for our classroom. Each child agreed to the charter and created their own violet to be stuck around our charter.


We have tackled some maths challenges.


Paige showing Miss Lake how great she is at writing her numbers.


Amelia, also showing how great she is at writing her numbers to 100 and beyond!!


Children also showed how well they could work in teams and solved Miss Lake's Maths challenge


Children had to think of all the different combinations they could make with their 3 cubes. It made them think really hard!


We have also spent time this week drawing portraits of each other for our class display.


Stella drawing her friend Alice.

Display pictures to follow!


Our learning so far...


In English we have been learning about two stories 'Silly Billy' and 'Operation Night Monster'.

We have answered questions in the role of the main characters.


We have talked through the story and then sequenced the main events, writing about how the characters are feeling.


We have also looked at sentence structure. Remembering what we need to include in our writing.




This term we have been looking at number and place value.

We have looked at how many different ways we can represent numbers. The children have shown that they can think of many!




We have thought about what an explorer is and created some artwork inspired by our knowledge of explorers. 

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