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What Our Parents Say

Parent Questionnaire November 2017

Parents Evening, March 2017


"Very happy with my child's progress and learning.  He is always happy to come to school.  Thanks!"


"Brilliant teacher and staff.  Thank you for all your help and support."


"Amazed at my child's progress and so happy with everything she has achieved.  Thank you."


"Thank you for taking the time to talk to us. Very helpful about what areas I can help my child to improve."


"Thank you so much.  My child is doing so much better here and he is so happy! Moving him was the best thing we could have done."


"Great work so far."


Christmas Nativity, 2016


"Honestly the best Nativity I have ever seen!  Absolutely fantastic!  Well done everyone."


"Thank you for all your hard work, it was brilliant!"


"Brilliant.  All children were fantastic."


"Fantastic! Well done to all involved.  Very emotional."


"Absolutely amazing! I should have got some tissues."


"Brilliant!  Well done to everyone involved. Glad I brought tissues.  Very happy family."


"Superb.  Can't believe how far they have all come since September! Well done everyone."


"Absolutely fantastic show. Every child so full of confidence and smiles. Just a shame that there were no later showing for working parents.  Well done everyone."


"Fantastic. All children were amazing. The staff have worked very hard."


"Amazing! I have watched Chrstmas plays etc for 30 years.  This was the best."

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