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Mercer’s Wood AcademyLearning Together, Achieving Together

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Who’s Who

Mercer's Wood Academy School Team

Picture 1 Mr Ola, Head of School
Picture 2 Mr Cosgrove, Assistant Head of School
Picture 3 Miss Ryan, Assistant Head of School


Assistant Head of School

Mr C Cosgrove and Miss M Ryan



Miss L Stimson Cherry Class                                         
Miss A Hall Lilac Class
Miss M Williams Beech Class
Mr D Coleman Damson Class

Miss J Westerman-Hughes

Mr C Cosgrove

Rowan Class
Mr S Foster Hawthorn Class

Miss M Ryan

Mulberry Class
Mrs S Fitzpatrick  
Miss J Fotheringham                                             

Miss B Haywood

Miss L Lia  


Higher Level Teaching Assistant: Mrs A Brown


Teaching Assistants:

  • Miss C Law
  • Mrs M Hancock
  • Mrs V Tomlinson
  • Mrs B Cox
  • Miss L Brown
  • Mrs D Green
  • Miss J Shaw


School Direct Teachers: Miss L Crowston and Mrs P Piantkiwskyj

Safeguarding and Welfare Officer: Mrs J Jones

Attendance and Healthcare Officer: Mrs S Holdsworth


Officer Manager: Mrs P Dexter

Receptionist: Mrs E Oates


Site Manager: Mr P Turner

Site Apprentice: Mr R Hamilton



  • Mrs C Townsend
  • Miss G Metcalf


Midday Supervisory Assistants:

  • Mrs C Bond
  • Mrs F Swetman
  • Mrs C Rouse
  • Miss A Grundy
  • Miss S Maidman
  • Miss G Metcalf


Breakfast Club Supervisor: Mrs S Wilson

Breakfast Club Assistant:  Miss C Law


Events Assistant: Miss J Cook

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