Accounting Information

As a Multi-Academy Trust, the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) Funding Agreement and Academies Handbook clearly sets out the framework which must be followed reflecting the requirements as a company, charity and public body funded by public monies. Within the framework it clearly lays out mandatory requirements for effective financial governance and management of funds with freedoms offered to manage day-to-day school improvement.

The Trust’s Finance Team is based centrally, which enables it to provide best advice and support to its Trustees, Local School Boards, Executive Team, and Headteachers. 

Overall the team has: Experience within the public, commercial and voluntary sectors. Experienced in successfully leading and developing financial management, financial services, payroll, internal audit, risk management, insurance and ICT.

Executive Pay
The Trust has no employees who have a gross annual salary and benefits of greater than £100,000.00 or more.