Health & Wellbeing

What is Health & Wellbeing in Schools?

Health and wellbeing usually refers to whole-person wellness: physical health, mental and emotional health. This is not least because the relationship between all three is important: physical impacting mental and vice versa.

Health and wellbeing takes on added importance as it plays a vital role in the early parts of children’s development and setting them up for success.

Like pupils, our staff must also be supported - this means workload management, training, mental health support, stress management, personal development and other initiatives.

Our Trust supports the wellbeing of our students and staff to improve happiness, motivation and performance.  

In this section we have added the following documents:

  • Staff Workload & Wellbeing Charter
  • Health & Wellbeing Policy
  • Stress Management Policy
  • Menopause Policy
If you have any questions regarding Health and Wellbeing please speak to one of the team.